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The Explanation of our Name

We have had our band together for quite sometime now, but we had a lot of trouble coming up with our name.  We had come up with the name Croquet Killers earlier.  It really just means that we are really good at croquet.  One night, Kyle and Brady were playing croquet with a bunch of little kids at a party at Kyle's grandmother's house.  Two of the kids had this crazy rule that instead of winning the game the normal way, once a player finished he became a "Poison" which is also known as the "Killer".  When this occurs, the player can then hit another players ball and completely take them out of the game, when it is their turn. 
   vikings_fighting_md_wht.gifSome fighting vikings

Our Name in...
English- Croquet Killers
French- Tueurs de Jeu de Croquet
Spanish- Asesinos Del Croquet
German- Krokett-Mörder
Italian- Assassini Del Croquet
Portuguese- Assassinos Do Croquet
Brazilian Portuguese- Croquet Matadores
Croatian- Kroket Ubojica
Czech- Kroket Zabij k
Danish- Croquet Dræber
Dutch- Croquetje Doder
Finnish- Krokata Hävittää
Hungarian- Krokett Gyilkos
Icelandic- Krokket Banamaður
Norwegian- Croquet Morder
Filipino-  Croquet pumatay
Polish- Krokiet Zabójcy
Serbian- Kroket Ubica
Slovenian- Kroket Ubijalec
Swedish- Croquet Mördaren
Welsh- Croquet Laddwyr
Turkish- Krikete Benzer Bir Açk Hava Oyunu Maktul