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Get your wickets staked and your mallets ready
Check out the wicket lights in the links section.  With these things, croquet can last forever, even in the dark.  It's kinda like how the CK ROCKS FOREVER in light or dark.

This is the official site of Croquet Killers, a band from Colorado.  We play punk music like Millencolin, No Use, and some of our own stuff. There are four of us: Stacey on the drums, Seb plays bass, and Brady and Kyle play guitar. We are good


Croquet is a great sport even though mostly old people play it who may or may not smell like moth balls

Old people like croquet

The Poll-
In our most recent poll, it was offcially decided that Stacey should defined as "A walk on the wild side", when approx. 50 people voted on the question "What would Stacey be defined as?".  The results showed that 14% thought Stace-Face should be defined as "A Hippie", 6% said "Your average joe", 8% said "No one really knows", 2% said "A musician", 36% said "A walk on the wild side", and 32% said "A freak of nature".  Thank you to all 50 or so people who voted.


About the band
Brady: four time international croquet champion has recently won the US croquet open
Seb: Has won the European titlie six years in a row now, and has just started to compete in the states
Kyle: four time international croquet champion, named mister croquet player of the year in '98 '99 and in '01
Stacey: In the WNCA she has won the pst five major championships and is considered the best up and coming women's croquet player.